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Your Choice -Brown Crabs orBlue Lobster (or both!)

Brown Crabs and Lobsters from Salcombe and the Westcountry are famous for their flavour and come to you from one of the finest fisheries in the country.

To help you decide
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Both cock and hen lobsters are equally superb to eat. They can be cooked in boiling water but we would recommend lobster cut in half longways and grilled with mildly garlicked butter. Leave the juices in the grillpan, add double cream, dry white wine and freshly milled black pepper to taste. Reduce over heat and pour the delicious sauce over the half lobsters - enjoy!

Male Brown (cock) Crab

Are larger than female (hen) crabs, have large claws, a high white meat content with brown meat that is a little less sweet than the hen crab. The large claws make for easy picking out of the white meat.

Female Brown (hen) Crab

Offer excellent quality and flavour, have smaller claws so less white meat, however the brown meat is sweeter. During September to December, hens carry developing eggs which are a delicacy. While hen crabs may be smaller that the male, they provide superb eating.

Spider Crabs

Offer a sweeter flavour compared to brown crabs. This is for crab aficionados and definitely worth the extra effort.
Male Spider Crab
 has very long legs and a spiky body, most of the meat is in the claws.
Female spider crab
 has a lower proportion of white meat to brown meat, but the flavour is fantastic, particularly if the brown meat is left in shell and flash grilled with cheese and tobasco!

Velvet Crabs

Ideal as a starter with a difference. These are quite small crabs but have a great flavour. No wonder the Spanish seafood market tries to buy them all!
Fresh crabs and lobsters
a mixed box of shellfish

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